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Frequently Asked Questions

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So, how does this all work?

A: In a nutshell, here’s how AIR MILES® MEGA MILES works:

  • Use offers at participating Partners from March 21 to April 25, 2019.
  • Use 3 offers at 3 different Partners, get 300 Bonus Miles.
  • Use 5 offers at 5 different Partners, get 1,000 Bonus Miles.
  • We’ll add up the number of offers you used at different Partners and award your Bonus Miles within 120 days after the promotion.
  • Enjoy your Bonus Miles!

The Miles you get for using 3 or 5 different offers are in addition to the Bonus Miles you get on each Partner offer used.

How long does the promotion last?

A: The promotion begins on March 21, 2019 and ends on April 25, 2019.

AIR MILES® Partners

What counts as a Partner towards my MEGA MILES Bonus?

A: Check the “Offers by Partner” tab on Each logo counts as a different Partner. To qualify for the 300, or 1,000 Bonus Miles, you need to use 1 offer at 3 or 5 different Partners.

What happens if I use more than 1 offer from the same Partner?

A: Only 1 offer per Partner counts towards the 3 or 5 offers needed to get 300 or 1,000 Bonus Miles. But you can absolutely use more offers at the same Partner to get the Bonus Miles for that specific offer.

Bonus Miles

How do I know if the coupon I used counted towards the 300 or 1,000 Bonus Miles?

A: Visit to view your recent transactions, but keep in mind that Bonus Miles from coupons may take up to 120 days to appear on your statement. Always make sure to check the Terms and Conditions by referring to the back of the physical coupon or by visiting and clicking “How to use.” Always remember to present your Card at time of purchase and keep your receipts.

Will I only get Bonus Miles if “MEGA MILES” is printed on the receipt?

A: Don't worry if it doesn’t say “MEGA MILES” on your receipt. Some Partners have the ability to print the promo name on their receipts and others do not. As long as you used the offer correctly and showed your AIR MILES Card at the time of the transaction, the offer will count towards your MEGA MILES bonus.

Will my Partner offer only count if it gets posted with “MEGA MILES” in my transaction history?

A: Don’t worry if it doesn’t say “MEGA MILES” in your transaction history for a Partner offer you used from the website or from the coupon booklet. Some Partners have the ability to post Miles with the promo name in your transaction history, while others do not. As long as you used the offer correctly and showed your AIR MILES Card at the time of the transaction, the offer will count towards your MEGA MILES bonus.

When will I see the Bonus Miles from the MEGA MILES promotion?

A: The Bonus Miles you get from individual offers and the Miles you get from using offers at 3 or 5 different Partners may be deposited into your Collector Account at different times, up to a maximum of 120 days after the promotion ends.

Offer Coupons

Where can I get the offer coupons?

A: You can print the coupons through this website or, if you’ve received offers from our MEGA MILES offer booklet, you can use those instead. Offers can also easily be found on the mobile app – Download on the App Store or on Google Play. Remember to take your coupons with you when you shop!

Do the offers last for the duration of the MEGA MILES promotion?

A: Many offers last the entire duration of the promo, while others only stick around for a short time. The best way to know is to check the coupon.

How do I use my MEGA MILES coupons?

A: There are a few ways to use the coupons, depending on the Partner. For more information on how to use individual coupons, refer to the back of the physical coupon or visit and click the “How to use” button on the respective offer.

How do I print my coupons?


  1. On the offers page of the MEGA MILES site, make sure that all the offers you want to use are “saved.”
  2. Go to the “Partner offers” tab and check how to use your chosen offers.

If your offers are printable, you can print them right away using the “Print all offers” button, or email them to yourself and print them later using the “Email all offers” button.

How do I use coupons if I don’t have a printer or phone?

A: You can pick up a coupon booklet at most Partner locations participating in MEGA MILES.

Why are the coupons in the physical booklets different from what’s offered on the website?

A: The coupons offered in the booklet represent a portion of all MEGA MILES offers, whereas the site has a complete list of offers.

What counts as an offer towards my MEGA MILES Bonus?

A: Each MEGA MILES Partner offer can only be used once towards the Bonus for using 3 or 5 different Partner offers. You must meet the Terms and Conditions for Partner offers to qualify.